I went skiing on Thursday  for the first time in 2 years. While I think I'm a pretty good skier, I don't do it much and was sore and tired as a result. On the way home I was thinking that since I had taken Friday off I had some extra time to run some more. Well, I decided that Fifteen Mile Friday sounded like fun. So I got up Friday morning and ran 15 miles. It wasn't a great 15 miles, but it was still 15 miles.

Part of training for ultras is doing back to back long runs, so since I have an ultra coming up in a few weeks I thought I should do a long run on Saturday too. 

I ran 28.6 miles on Saturday morning. I started just after 4 am and ended just after 8 am. I was tired, and malnourished for the most part so I wasn't going for speed or time. I was just going for time on my feet. 

So between Friday and Saturday I ran 42 miles. That's a new record for me for sure. I ended the week with 77 miles which is also a record for me.

This week I'm still going to run, but I'm going to take it easier from now until Race day. I think I'm about as ready as I'm going to get. 

Did I mention I'm going to quit drinking caffeine...? 

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