2 Weeks Notice

I'm running the Zion 100k Ultra Marathon put on by Ultra Adventures in 2 weeks from today. So, if everything goes according to plan, I'll be in Southern Utah with nothing to do but move forward for about 11 hours.

So far training has been going well. I got in one training run over 30 miles and a few over 20 miles. And one good weekend of back-to-back long runs. So while if I had more time and energy to dedicate to just training for this race things might be going slightly differently, given the circumstances however, things are going fine. No injuries and some good quality running have been happening so I don't expect anything very bad to happen on race day.

This morning out on a favorite stretch of road.

Current plan is to take the next two weeks to keep some good base mileage in but not to do anything very strenuous. Tomorrow (Saturday) I might go out and get about 20 miles in but I don't expect to be doing race pace or anything.

Also I need to eat less food and that is one of the things that I want to do is to lose a little bit of weight before race day. The thought of having a few less pounds of mass to carry with me through the race makes me think that this is one way that I can increase my efficiency. Less mass means less energy to move it, right?

As for plans for performance on race day? Bottom line: finish in less than 11 hours. I've looked at the results from the previous years and (this year's course has changed a little as the start line has moved a little but results I don't think are going to be affected very much) I would really like to be in the top 10. Personally this is where things get me nervous and excited in a good way.

A few weeks a go I was sitting at work and was going over the race and thinking about things like shoes and drop bags and pacers and nutrition and in that moment I had to take a step back and realize how I felt as I was planning for race day. I love race day. I have been extremely lucky and blessed to be able to run so many races. Right there in my stupid windowless office I was just struck with the realization of how much I not just like to run, but how much I love race day.


Saucony Guide 8 Running Shoe Review

It should come as no surprise that I got these shoes for a deal! Somewhere in the $40 range and they retail for more than $100.

At first I had mixed feelings about the shoe. It first felt very stiff and I wasn't sure it was that great of a shoe. But I guess either the shoe is breaking or I'm breaking because now they feel more normal and I am able to run in them and not think much about it.

Soon after getting these shoes I felt like there was some kind of injury coming on in my left foot. I wanted to blame these shoes but knew that I didn't have enough information to really consider these the culprits.

So after more than 100 miles in these shoes I have to say that they are alright. The fit is true to size and the construction feels nice. Once broken in, the shoes feel as I would expect a decent pair of running shoes to feel. While I'm not sure I'll be taking these on a race anytime soon, they certainly help me get in some decent mid-week mileage. Recommended.


Mizuno Wave Kazan Trail Running Shoe Reivew

I got these shoes for a whopping $40 - deals are my kind of thing. They retail for $120.

They are sold as a trail running shoe. But for me and my part, they are not good trail running shoes. The only instance that I can think of where these would be good on the trials is where the surface is not more than flat grass or hard dirt. Throw any rocks or roots in to the mix and what you have is a not fun shoe.

So I took them out on the road this morning and they were just fine. I don't have a big problem with the shoes on anything except technical terrain. They are light and do feel like they are well built. But on the few trails that I have taken them on any rocks are very noticeable as there does not seem to be any sort of method to stiffen the sole.

So that's the bottom line.  I still expect them to last a while and be a decent shoe. Good construction and all that, but I did buy them to race in and I can't think of one race where I would want every rock translated through to my foot.

Notice the unique star pattern on the sole.


Weekly Mileage

I'm increasing my weekly mileage in preparation for the Ultra Adventures Zion 100k Race. This week so far I've got 50 miles. What's funny is that this number isn't a high one for some people. But for other people this number is crazy. So, while I'm not even done with the week of running yet I've already run more than most do in a single week.

I plan on running 20+ tomorrow. I might get in 40k but I'm planning on about 35k.

At this point the most important thing for me to do is to get more time on my feet. Distance doesn't matter and speed doesn't really matter. Sure, I do get some speed work in and I do get some vertical in, but getting in the time is the number one priority.

I have a very lay study on the subject but tend to think that this is why some people don't get what they would like to get out of running. If some would just slow down and get out for longer periods of time, they would see many benefits. Cardiovascular benefits, mental benefits, and skeletal benefits can all result from just getting out and doing the time.