Hoka One One Challenge ATR Review

After a few runs on the treadmill with these, I finally got these puppies out on the trail. Did about 10 miles of relatively flat trail at a relatively easy pace.

My current assessment is that these are pretty good shoes. And seeing as how I got them for less than 50 bucks when they retail for over $130, it's hard for me to really complain.

My previous pair of trail running shoes have been worn out and getting these things is like going from broken struts on a cheap old car to a new Rolls Royce.

These shoes have much more cushioning than shoes normally have so they soak up bumps like nothing and even after several miles they don't feel like the ground is connected to the skin of your feet.

While the color isn't my first choice, the other more objective things about the shoe make it worth it. They weigh very little even with the extra cushioning and the materials are top notch.

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