Weekly Mileage

I'm increasing my weekly mileage in preparation for the Ultra Adventures Zion 100k Race. This week so far I've got 50 miles. What's funny is that this number isn't a high one for some people. But for other people this number is crazy. So, while I'm not even done with the week of running yet I've already run more than most do in a single week.

I plan on running 20+ tomorrow. I might get in 40k but I'm planning on about 35k.

At this point the most important thing for me to do is to get more time on my feet. Distance doesn't matter and speed doesn't really matter. Sure, I do get some speed work in and I do get some vertical in, but getting in the time is the number one priority.

I have a very lay study on the subject but tend to think that this is why some people don't get what they would like to get out of running. If some would just slow down and get out for longer periods of time, they would see many benefits. Cardiovascular benefits, mental benefits, and skeletal benefits can all result from just getting out and doing the time.

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