I ran today, just like I do every other day. There was nothing special about today's run. I got up, checked the weather to see what I should wear, put on the gear and left.

There's a lot of obstacles to overcome when running. One of them is overcoming being bored. I'd like to think that I've overcome this obstacle. But I'm not sure if there's a mental deficiency that enables me to not be hindered by boredom or if I have truly have learned to deal with it. I run at the same time and run the same 2-3 routes week in and week out. Because I run outside on the roads, I don't wear headphones so no music, no audiobooks and no podcasts.

Running when there's no race in the near future is the hardest for me. At these times running seems to have a less tangible benefit. Maintaining fitness level justifying eating habits usually motivates me to keep going through the off-seasons.

Above it all the biggest motivator for me is race day. Even if it is far out, I know that getting out and knocking out a few seemingly pointless miles will pay off in the form of a deserved time and sense of accomplishment on race day and for many days after.

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