Saucony Guide 8 Running Shoe Review

It should come as no surprise that I got these shoes for a deal! Somewhere in the $40 range and they retail for more than $100.

At first I had mixed feelings about the shoe. It first felt very stiff and I wasn't sure it was that great of a shoe. But I guess either the shoe is breaking or I'm breaking because now they feel more normal and I am able to run in them and not think much about it.

Soon after getting these shoes I felt like there was some kind of injury coming on in my left foot. I wanted to blame these shoes but knew that I didn't have enough information to really consider these the culprits.

So after more than 100 miles in these shoes I have to say that they are alright. The fit is true to size and the construction feels nice. Once broken in, the shoes feel as I would expect a decent pair of running shoes to feel. While I'm not sure I'll be taking these on a race anytime soon, they certainly help me get in some decent mid-week mileage. Recommended.

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