How to Run Faster

I never really considered myself much of a runner in 2011. By October I had been deployed to Kuwait and found myself with some extra time at the end of my shifts that needed to be filled. That time could be spent doing lots of thing like watching movies, reading, or hanging out with friends. I found myself spending time at the gym and running. I began recording my weight and deciding that among the bad or worse food available, I was going to at least have less of the bad food.

At one point I learned about interval training and had done it before with mixed results. I injured myself overdoing it and probably didn't run enough miles a week for it to really take any noticeable effect. I started doing some more interval training (this is the "How to Run Faster" part). It was fall and the weather in Kuwait, while normally very hot or extremely hot, wasn't too bad in the evenings. I incorporated one run a week to doing about 40 minutes of interval training. I would sprint, or run as fast as I could, for 60 seconds then walk for 60 seconds. By the time I had done this for a few weeks I could literally see the ground moving faster as I ran. It was a very noticeable difference.

I decided that I was going to do the subject run (Veterans Day Run for the Fallen). I was excited because I was actually getting a lot better at running and I found it very enjoyable.

Everyone gathered together before dawn at the starting location. It was surprisingly cold. Some gathered around the exhaust of a light trailer. Some of the participants were Special Forces from Australia. Some were contractors, some were Army. The majority, like me, were Air Force.

The race started and I was off. By the time the race was over I had finished ahead of some of the Special Forces guys and finished just behind the first place female. I felt great. I finished in 47:31. It was awesome.

Before most had finished the race, I was showered and eating breakfast (the most palatable meal provided) and very pleased with my accomplishment.

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