L.L. Bean Polartec® Power Dry® Beanie

The L.L. Bean Polartec® Power Dry® Beanie is surprisingly one of my favorite beanies. I say surprisingly because most people think that good products used for running need to be from a brand known for making running products. The truth is is that products are shoved down our throats using the word "running" and we, as consumers, think some magic went into developing the product that makes it better because of the way its intended use is marketed. Seriously, it's a piece of fabric cut to fit on someones head. I don't think it's rocket science. Made of a decent fabric and cut for size right just about any beanie will do for running regardless if it's made by company A or company B. (I even have a beanie from Land's End that fits both of these criteria and has stretched out a bit, but is still a decent beanie)

This beanie has served me well for several years I've purchased at least 3 of them and having lost one I'm now down to 2. I'm totally bummed about losing one. But the 2 that I have now I have used for at least the last 3 years. And even though its been through dozens of washes and (dare I guess) hundreds of runs I cannot find any signs of wear. I have successfully utilized L.L. Bean's guarantee and can say that they are excellent in facilitating returns if anything goes wrong. Ever. (they even reimbursed me for the money I paid to ship the product back!)

The beanie is lightweight and can keep my head warm down to about 20 degrees fahrenheit. It's very light and not bulky at all. I love this beanie and can't imagine trying anything else.

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