Review: Chums Classic Neoprene Eyewear Retainer

I wear glasses. For reason not need to be expanded upon here, I'm not about to get contacts or laser eye surgery anytime soon. So, I have to wear glasses. With all the running that I do have to keep my glasses on my head somehow. If I don't have some sort of device helping to keep my glasses on my face then I end up pushing them up my nose every 50 feet.

I've been through a couple of different brands and varieties of eyeglass retaining implements. The style that I prefer is typically made of neoprene and goes around the back of the head (rather than having drawstring style with a bead or cordlock that dangles down your neck).

The problem being is that there isn't a huge market for these types of glasses that I have seen. So I have to look hard and buy when I see them if I don't want to get caught without a pair. I have found several brands that have had the stitching on the part that goes on the temple of the glasses just fall apart after a few uses. Its very frustrating to have these give out so early.

At any rate, these Chums are the ones that I prefer to use. I have used them heavily and have never had one fail me. I install and uninstall them every day I go running and I soak them with rain and sweat regularly. Even during an ultra these have held up with absolutley no complaints. The are comfortable and keep my glasses where I want them. I don't have issues with them crawling down or being to tight. I haven't had any problems with them bouncing or rubbing and creating any discomfort. Recomended.

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